I’m sorry, but the discussion about the Getty’s Cultural Objects Name Authority originally scheduled for Friday at 3:30 has to be canceled because one of the key participants is unavailable due to a family emergency. We’re sorry not to be able to have this conversation at MCN, but we will plan to do it some time in the near future, possibly at MW in Philadelphia next spring.

For those of you looking for an interesting THATCamp session to attend instead, please think about coming to the “Museum Visualization” session on Friday at 1:30 led by Richard Urban and Piotr Adamczyk. They’ll be picking up the way-too-short discussion started in our infoviz conference session today, and taking the discussion in lots of new directions, including the review of easily available tools. We’ll also have a chance to hear in detail from Richard, who was unable to present his own materials in today’s session because a cyclone kept him in Atlanta overnight, delaying his arrival at the conference.