Hi all! We’re counting down till tomorrow, and you may be thinking, like @twittorician, “Less than a month [a day] until my first unconference. I have no idea whether that leaves me enough time to unprepare.” Rest assured, there’s always time to unprepare. One of the great features of an unconference is its spontaneity.

Still, here’s a little preparation, in the form of some Ground Rules:
* Have fun.
* Be productive.
* Keep it collegial and participatory.

Other than that, all you have to do is show up with an open mind. If you can make it to the introductory session at 10:30am tomorrow (Thursday) in the Sheraton room Capitol A/B, that’d be ideal: during that session, we’ll come up with some ideas for what to do during the 11 session slots that remain unscheduled. If you can’t make the introductory session, you should still feel free to drop in on any session you like and to register for this site, which will allow you to post to the blog.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate our good friend Ben Brumfield on a new addition to his family. Childbirth! Now that’s fun, productive, and participatory. 😉